Armor 8 250ml

Armor 8 250ml ID#389
Armor 8 250ml

Armor 8 250ml




Armor8 Disinfectant Antibacterial Nano Spray
Can be used on any hard and soft surfaces
Can be sprayed on masks to generate a protective shield
100% non-toxic, safe if come into contact with skin

Let’s fight COVID-19 together by staying at home ?
If you are forced to leave the house, make sure to disinfect every objects and surfaces with Armor8 Nano Spray.

An infant’s immune system is immature at birth and it slowly develops over the first few years of life. 

In other words, a 2-month-old infant can’t fight viruses or diseases as well as a 2-years-old toddler.

Apart from the vaccinations during well-baby visits, sanitizing your baby’s most used items can help them to stay on guard against viruses. 

Let’s check out the three baby items that require the added step of disinfection.

Brands ARMOR
Size 250ml