NUK PREMIUM Anti-Colic Latex Teat Level 2

NUK PREMIUM Anti-Colic Latex Teat Level 2 ID#213
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For a natural drinking feeling

A mother’s nipple changes shape during breastfeeding. It adapts to the baby's mouth, enabling optimal food intake and providing the best possible training for the jaw, palate, tongue and lips. The NUK teats were therefore modelled on a mother’s nipple during breastfeeding.

NUK PREMIUM CHOICE combines the orthodontic benefits of the NUK shape with a feeling similar to breastfeeding. The following features of the bottle teat enable you to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding without problems.

The NUK PREMIUM CHOICE latex bottle teat is available in two sizes, each with different hole sizes. Each different model has a separate article number.

Size 2 S – Article number 40713610

Size 2 M – Article number 40713611
Size 2 L – Article number 40713612

Size S, M, L
Brands NUK