POLAR Music Electrical Cradle

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The traditional method of rocking the baby to sleep has the disadvantages of irregular speed , uneven force and even stopping half-way due to sheer tiredness . All these will adversely affect the baby?s sleep and consequently affect his health.

With Polar Electronic Timer/ Music Baby Cradle , all these problems will be overcome, Its uniform movement with adjustable speed will send your baby into a deep slumber land in to time ! Moreover, it is so portable and can be carried along to picnics or excursions because all it takes to run it are some dry cells or a car battery.

It can be powered by an adapter , dry cells or car battery (DC 12V).

It is suitable for light or heavy babies ,speed (fast or slow ) can be adjusted easily by just turning the knob.

It can be use anywhere , during picnics , excursions etc.

Warranty: 6 months for the motor/machine only

Package includes:
- Warranty for 1yr
- 1 unit of Polar electronic cradle
- 1 unit of Power adapter
- 7 Springs specially designed for Polar Electronic Baby Cradle
- User manual & Spring guide

Colors Green
Brands POLAR